Who are we?

FCCU stands for Federal Computer Crime Unit. We are part of the Central Directorate of Combating Serious and Organized Crime and we continue to fight against ICT crime. Specialized in the investigation of computer and telecommunication systems, the CCU is concludes two levels.

- The RCCU (Regional Computer Crime Unit) within each judicial directorate in the districts under the leadership of the judicial directors.

- The FCCU (Federal Computer Crime Unit), which is at the national level within the central directorate of the fight against serious and organized crime.

We believe that the organization and operation of the CCUs at federal and regional level should guarantee the following:

- Provide effective and timely assistance to the police in the judicial archives in order to detect all relevant information in the ICT environment, protect the information and provide it to investigators in a clear and comprehensible manner.

- Through specialization, prevention, active and passive intervention, we can combat various forms of ICT crime effectively, so that the negative impact of this form of crime on social life is as small as possible. Throughout Belgium, the services provided must be of impeccable quality and technically and procedurally equivalent.

The FCCU consists of 3 departments:

- The first department is the team "R&D". They are responsible for building expertise in certain high tech topics such as cryptocurrencies and the Dark web. - The next department is "operations". These provide specialized support to the central operational investigation services and to the RCCU. This support is mainly investigation of ICT systems within the framework of "traditional" crime. In addition, they assist the RCCUs in dealing with computer crime and telecommunications fraud.

- Finally, we have the "intelligence" department. They take care of the information management and the image of computer crime.

REMINDER: Info can be outdated, but we will make sure to update the info when we have more.
FCCU CTF is a sub event of PICT's Impetus and Concepts mega event where students partcipate from all over the world!
Out aim is about spreading the importance of cybersecurity in today's community. Each and every person should be aware of different vulnerabilities in systems as well as how to protect onselves agains cyber attacks
We believe gamification is the best technique to teach oneself about cybersecurity.
Who can play FCCU CTF
FCCU CTF is mainly focused at students who are undergraduates.